Birthchart 1 — A Guided Tour of Your Self

I walk you through very deep and personal interpretations of your most important factors, including Rāhu and Ketu, and give you the keys to gradually understand your own chart in infinite detail. I will gradually walk you through the most important fundamental symbols in your chart, and teach you how to explore and comprehend their meaning very deeply.

Please know that this is not the reading to get if you are in immediate distress about something and need a very specific answer or prediction. Get this reading when you are calm, peaceful and ready to truly explore your self from newer, much deeper angles, using the ancient science of astrology and ancient Vedic wisdom as unparalleled tools of self-discovery.

This is the only reading that I do by one-to-one video conference, in 5 one-hour sessions. The first thing I will do is contact you to schedule these.

Fee: $360 (PayPal can convert to your local currency)

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