Birthchart 3 — Facts and Implications

A detailed report enumerating the key principles in your birthchart and introducing you to their essential symbolic implications.

These reports, generated by my personal formulae and interpretations, effectively enumerate and introduce the key features of your birth chart.

Select the components to include:

Essential Facts and Implications ($20)

  • Beautiful renditions of your birth chart.
  • Simple graphs reveal the positivity and relative importance of each planet in your horoscope.
  • Classical Vedic aspects (and conjunctions) to planets and houses calculated by exact degree.
  • 120-year daśā cycles and subcycles (calculated with nakṣatra year-lengths).
  • Succinct explanations of the most important factors in your horoscope.
  • Planetary Alignments: I identify and explain the combinations & alignments ("yogas") that apply to your horoscope; selected from approximately 200 classical yogas and the 144 possible house-and-lord combinations.

Elements & Modes ($5)

    Experimental report on the psychology of your elemental, modal, and tri-guṇa balance.

Classical Texts ($15)

    Translation and thorough explanation of what classical Indian Sanskrit texts say about your signs, houses, lordships, and yogas.

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