Monthly Lunar Reading: 100 Unions

How the Shata-bhishak New Moon Relates to YOU!

"100 Unions" and You!

Personal New-Moon Reading for the Shata-bhishak March 2020 Lunation Cycle!

You Get:
  • Chart: new moon nakshatra/zodiac bi-wheel with your birth chart.
  • Exploration of the symbolism for each day of the sidereal month a full-length, exclusive video
  • Key symbolic phrases and guidance for every planet in your chart!
    Explore how YOU relate to the theme of "100 Unions"...based on the tāra-bāla between your natal planets and this Shata-bhishak new moon
...and, if you select the FULL version:
  • My personal explanation of what each planetary nakshatra tāra-bāla means to you! +/- 15 minutes of recorded audio or video, or in writing
I'm giving a great limited-time discount ('till March 4th):

I will get overbooked, so to get your reading at a discount and ASAP order it right now! (scroll down to fill out the order form)

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Full (with personal video) $180, discounted to $108
Brief $54, discounted to $45
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