Questions & Predictions

Guidance on a single, specific topic - or for a single, specific prediction. This is the right reading when you need to know something specific and definite.

I deliver this to you in a simple written email. I just reply directly, I don't give many calculations and so on. You have to be ready to accept that the answer may not be what you wanted or expected.

Select the option below that describes your question. If you have multiple distinct and irreducible questions - contact me first and we will figure out how to organize the questions efficiently.

I will contact you by email to hear your question.

Specific Guidance

  • Select this if you have a "why" or "how" question.
  • For example: "Why can't I find a good partner?" Or "How should I improve my salary?"
  • $60 (PayPal can convert to your local currency)


  • Select this if you have a "when", "where", "who", "what" or "will" question
  • For example: "Will I get permanent residence?", "who will I marry?"
  • $120 (PayPal can convert to your local currency)

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