Veda 103: The Gita

The Summary of the Veda, in Essence and Detail

Universally accepted as the essence of Indian philosophy and religion, Bhagavad Gītā summarizes and harmonizes her many diversities and lucidly clarifies key topics like yoga, nirvana, meditation, and karma.

This course presents Gītā with unique clarity - bringing both the overall themes and the specific details into clear focus. 18 Class Sessions: One class per chapter:

(1) The Gītā & War 
(2) Death?
(3) Duty, (4) Wise action, (5) Result of wise action
(6) Meditation

(7) Gratitude, (8) Liberation, (9) Love
(10) The Supreme Beloved, (11) Vision of Majesty
(12) Practice of Love

(13) Philosophy
(14) Three modes, (15) Beyond the modes
(16) Degredation, (17) Types of morality
(18) Conclusion

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Group Study

Live online class sessions (video) with at least one other students; with class recordings, presentation notes, homework questions, and homework answers. I comment on and correct your homework answers, and you can ask any questions during the online sessions, or via email.

Note: Course cannot begin until there are at least two other students with a compatible schedules. It's easiest / best if you enroll along with two friends, but otherwise I can still put you on a waiting list.

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Tuition: $360

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