Beautifully Rational Philosophy of Astrology

Vic reveals the beauty, rationale, and divine love at the root of destiny.
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Radically Deep Fundamentals of Astrology

Why the planets, signs, and houses represent the things they do.
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27 Stars, 27 Gods

Deep revelations and rare expositions of familiar gods like Viṣṇu, less-familiar gods like Varuṇa, and nearly forgotten gods like Ajaikapāt - all of whom inhabit and empower their relative nakṣatra (fixed constellations).
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Other books



Birthchart 1
A Guided Tour of Your Self

My most comprehensive and thorough birth chart reading. I walk you through very deep and personal interpretations of your most important factors, including Rāhu and Ketu, and give you the keys to gradually understand your own chart in infinite detail.
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Birthchart 2

I explain the most prominent symbols in your birth chart, revealing your most imporant strengths and weakness, and the key lessons you must learn to achieve the fullest purpose and progress in your lifetime.
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Birthchart 3
Facts & Implications

A detailed report enumerating the key principles in your birthchart and introducing you to their essential symbolic implications.
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Get this reading for guidance on a single, specific topic - or for a single, specific prediction.
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Eras & Transits

I'll explain the nature of the daśā, transits, etc. for a specific sub-daśā or for a specific birth-year.
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If you don't know your exact birthtime, we can figure it out and explain why.
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A full reading of both charts and how they can work together.
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A thorough summary report on the natural compatibility ("stick-together-ness") between two people.
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Courses of Study

Level 1
Fundamental Symbols

  • 101 - The Planets
  • 102 - The Signs
  • 103 - The Houses
  • Level 2
    Combinations of Symbols

  • 201 - Planets in Signs
  • 202 - Planets in Houses
  • 203 - Lords in Houses
  • 204 - Classical Yogas
  • Level 3
    Wholistic Interpretation

    Interpreting a chart full of symbolic combinations within symbolic combinations.
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    Other Courses


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