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Textbooks of Vedic Astrology, with modern reason and clarity

Book Cover for Nakshatra - The Authentic Heart of Vedic Astrology

Nakshatra the Authentic Heart of Vedic Astrology

Translation of Taittiriya Brahmana's Nakshatra Sutra, and more!

The Nakṣatra Sūtra is a treasure found in the Taittirīya Brāhmaṇa, a branch of the ancient Yajur Veda. Because of this, it holds unique importance and unparalleled authority among nakṣatra texts, for it allows us to understand the nakṣatras in much clearer accord with the Vedic sages who originally envisioned them. I also supplement the book with other sections from the Taittirīya Brāhmaṇa that also talk about the nakṣatras, and with a section entitled, The True Story of the Nakṣatra Gods: a dramatic narration of the 27 nakṣatra divinities, focused on what is most relevant to their nakṣatra’s symbolism. This original work pulls together diverse Purāṇic and Vedic source material to paint a vivid picture of often unknown tales and details essential for fully understanding the subtleties of the 27 Vedic stars.

Book Cover for 27 Stars, 27 Gods

27 Stars, 27 Gods

The Astrological Mythology of Ancient India

Understand the Nakshatras by understanding the Gods and Goddesses who dwell in them. Understand the Nakshatras the way the ancient Vedic peoples understood them!

Clear explanations of Sanskrit terms, and pervasive access to original Vedic literature, will transform, simplify, and clarify your comprehension of the Vedic Nakshatra (fixed-star lunar mansions).

Book Cover for The Beautifully Rational Philosophy of Astrology

The Beautifully Rational
Philosophy of Astrology

The Beauty at the Core of Destiny

A revelation of the beauty, intellect, and love at the root of your destiny. This book firmly establishes the intellectual & spiritual significance of Astrology in the modern world, by  giving logical explanation of the plausibility of predicting the future by observing the heavens. 

Book Cover for Radically Deep Fundamentals of Astrology

Radically Deep
Fundamentals of Astrology

The Textbook for Astrological Planets, Signs & Houses

Clear and threadbare logic on why the planets, signs, and houses represent the things they do, bringing the occult mysteries of astrology into rational, systematic clarity & focus. 

Six years in the making. Replete with valuable diagrams. 180 pages. 

Books on Vedic Philosophy

Direct from authentic text, translated and explained with modern clarity and reason

The Story of Shiva & Sati

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam's Fourth Canto, Chapters 2~7

The dramatic tale of the cosmos' first failed marriage, ruined by a father-in-law who could not tell the difference between internal substance and external form. Narrated by Maitreya to Vidura.

 73 Pages

Life Lessons From a Family Tree

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam's Fourth Canto, Chapter 1

What appears to be a boring list of parents and children, turns out to be a series of insightful, practical lessons about some of the most important topics in life: Love, Success, Creativity, Fame, Simplicity, and more.

 34 Pages

Varāha, Vidura, & Kapila

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam's Third Canto

Vidura's devotion and inquiry from Maitreya. Varāha's adventures rescuing the kidnapped Earth Goddess. Kapila's philosophy of Sankhya. All  illuminating the initial evolution of the universe.

 282 Pages

Creating the Creator

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam's Second Canto

Experience divinity in the world, in ourselves, and in its own context. An ecstatic darśan with Hari at the dawn of the universe, granting awareness of all evolutions and creations.

 106 Pages

Beautiful Tales of the All-Attractive

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam's First Canto

Part One of India's most beloved Purāṇa in refreshingly straightforward yet artistic language. It brings full clarity to the storyline, ecstasy, and nuances of the original Vedic masterpiece.

156 Pages

A Simple Gita

Easy, concise, and deep!

The Bhagavad-Gita - with all its depth and detail - in simple, straightforward terms. No distraction into commentary; the Gita reveal itselfs in its own terms & at its own pace. 

176 Pages

Basic Truths of Vedic Philosophy

As taught by the Gauḍīya Rūpānugā Paramparā

Sri Jiva Goswami's Tattva Sandarbha - a document establishing the essential conclusions of Veidc Philosophy - rendered in clear, straightforward English that almost anyone can understand.

119 Pages

To Dance in the Downpour of Devotion

A bhakti-yoga "user's guide"

An inspirational and essential guide for practitioners of bhakti-yoga, explaining Mādhurya Kādambinī in clear and simple English. Vivid description for the 9 stages of bhakti, detailing each step.

205 Pages

Memoirs, etc.

Other stuff I have written...

Trainwrecks and Transcendence

A Collision of Hardcore & Hare Krishna
A memoir of my experience living in ISKCON Hare Krishna temples,
while also being a member of Hardcore-punk bands (Beyond, Inside Out, Shelter, and 108).

This is going to get ugly.

And it’ll be beautiful.

Ugliness and beauty will stand shoulder to shoulder, each one unashamed of its nudity. It has to be like that, because that’s how I lived it. It was an awful train-wreck and it was a wonderful transcendental revelation, at the same time.

I apologize in advance to those in my story who are uncomfortable being portrayed in the nude. I certainly won’t go out of my way to reveal your warts and blemishes, but ugliness is an essential part of the reality I experienced, and my story just won’t make sense if I blur out and censor the unsavory bits.