Astrology Level One

The fundamentals of astrological science, in radically deep clarity

101 - The Planets

The Ultimate Foundation

The symbolism of the classical astrological planets explained with clear depth empowering profound and accurate intuitive exploration.

102 - The Signs

Realms of the Planets

Understand the 12 Signs in unprecedented clarity, depth and detail, by combining the symbolism of their rulers, elements & modes.

103 - The Houses

Symbols of the Sky

The world's most logical and intuitive way of comprehending all that you need to know about the 12 divisions of the sky.

104 - The Nakshatra

27 Vedic Stars

Learn the beautiful and rich symbolism of the 27 Vedic Stars without confusing or misleading information.

Astrology Levels Two ~ Five

Rational, logical, systematic, succinct ~ leaving intuition the space to thrive

Level 2 teaches how to combine astrological symbols. Level 3 teaches specific interpratation and calculation techniques including yogas, aspects, and divisional charts. Level 4 teaches wholistic chart interpretation. Level 5 teaches prediction and timing.

I currently teach these levels in online group study. If you would like to participate, please fill out this form and I will contact you as the courses become available

Vedic Philosophy

Rational, intelligent philosophy... no mumbo-jumbo added

101 - What Are the Vedas?

The nature & role of sacred text

What is "knowledge"? How do we get it? What is "sacred text", and how does it work with faith and intellect?

Learn the structure and history of the Vedas, as well as their practical use.

102 - Vedic Concept of Reality

"Unseconded consciousness"

What is "reality"? What is "God"? Who are we, and how can we exist in true happiness and joy?

Understand the divinity of consciousness. 

103 - Bhagavad Gītā

In Essence and Detail

Understand karma, the various yogas, and life itself with amazing clarity and logic, from the text universally accepted as representing the true essence of all Vedic philosophy.

301 - Bhakti Yoga

reccomended pre-req: 102 or 103

What is love? Pure love? Divine love? How can it be practiced, and perfected? Learn how to apply the beautiful, sweet practices of bhakti-yoga, directly from the authoritative text: Bhakti-rasāmṛta-sindhu