• Astrology Courses
  • 101: The Planets The Ultimate Foundation The symbolism of the classical astrological planets explained with oraganized and clear depth, empowering you to grow into profound and accurate intuitive interpretation.
  • 102: The Signs Realms of the Planets Understand the 12 Signs in unprecedented clarity, depth and detail, by dyamic combination of their rulers, elements & modes.
  • 103: The Houses Symbols of the Sky Learn the most logical, intuitive approach to understanding the 12 divisions of the sky.
  • 104: The Nakshatra 27 Vedic Stars Learn the beautiful and rich symbolism of the 27 Vedic Stars without confusing or misleading information.
  • Philosophy Courses
  • What are the Vedas? Śrī Tattva Sandarbha, pt.1 Understand the structure, history, & application of the Vedas. What is 'knowledge'? How do we get it? What is 'sacred text' and how does it work with faith and intellect?
  • Vedic Concept of Reality Śrī Tattva Sandarbha, pt.2 Understand the divinity of consciousness. What is 'reality'? What is 'God'? Who are we, and how can we exist in true happiness and joy?