• Your Nakshatra A Truly Vedic Chart Your nakshatra interpreted in order of their importance to you. Includes planet-in-nakshatra interpretations and sūtra and supplications direct from the ancient Taittirīya Brāhmana.
  • Complete Chart Report Guided Tour of Your Self Each and every essential fact of your chart calculated, organized and explained in 90+ pages.
  • Compatibility Report Romance & Marriage Compatibility Synastry, aspects, conjunctions, single-chart considerations, and Indian nakshatras!
  • Phāladīpikā Reports
  • Your Secret Houses Source: Phāladīpikā's 8th Chapter Explore the houses of your subdivisions and discover many key placements you never knew you had!
  • 12 Houses, 24 Yogas Source: Phāladīpikā's 6th Chapter A clear presentation of the positive-negative-spectrum-location for each astrological house in your birth chart.
  • The Houses of Life Source: Phāladīpikā's 15th Chapter The topics and subtopics of each house in your main chart scored, ranked and explained.