Unparalleled Readings

Accurate, sensitive, detailed, multi-faceted, and deep.

Main Reports

I reccomend you start with one of these, especially the Complete Chart Report.

Your Nakshatra

A Truly "Vedic" Chart

Your nakshatra interpreted in order of their importance to you, as well as per their groups and meta-groups.


Complete Chart Report

A Guided Tour of Your Self

Each and every essential fact of your chart calculated, organized and explained in 90+ pages.


Compatibility Report

Romance & Marriage Compatibility

Synastry, aspects, conjunctions, single-chart considerations and Indian nakṣatras!


Supplimentary Reports

Use these to further explore the details and specifics of your chart!

Secret Houses of your Birthchart

Delve the Houses of your Subdivisions!

Learn which house placements are key players in your chart, and discover many house placements you never even thought you had! Interpretations and techniques are directly and exactly from Phāladīpikā's 8th Chapter.


24 Yogas, 12 Houses

+ and - Yogas for each House!

Know your +/- spectrum placement for house polarities like "eminence vs. obscurity", "scarcity vs. abundance", and more! Interpretations and techniques are from Phāladīpikā's 6th Chapter.


The Houses of Life

A House-by-House Report

Your Houses and their Subtopics scored and explained using exact techniques from Phāladīpikā's 15th chapter.


What's the difference?

Here is a 🔗 blog post where I explain the differences, and how to use all three reports together!